Redefining My Lifestyle

Getting Rid Of...


Well here goes.  I haven't posted anything for a while.  I have been involved in a process of deciding what in my life I Need and what I Don't Need.  Quite a task.  But very stimulating.

Several thing have happened in my life that have made me stop and think about all of the STUFF I have accumulated.  My clothes are definitely one of those areas.  When Ken and I met, I had 367 pairs of "great" shoes.  I had managed to whittle that down to about half that number.  Still a bit overwhelming, I know!  If I wore everything in my closet once and once only I could have gone a couple of years without wearing the same thing twice.  Why?


In my home I have about 6 sets of dishes or more... and two of the sets will seat 18 people.  That is a bit daunting, I know. 


So, after much reading and soul searching, I had to (and am still processing) decide what my priorities are.  Also, I needed to decide why I have sooooo much.  I have already started with my closet and am still working on it.  I wish that I had taken a before picture, but I would probably have been too embarrassed to post it.  But I had a garage sale a few weeks back and sold over 300 articles of clothing, about 40 pairs of shoes, lots of purses, etc.   I will be having another one soon to purge even more out of my closet and the rest of my home.


But for today I wanted to tell you that this is a process that I think we could all gain independence from.  It is liberating to know that when you walk in your closet, you can put on anything you have decided to keep and LOVE IT. 


As for me....right now.... my closet has a lot of great neutrals.  Lots of black, white, navy and gray.  It has lots of silhouettes that I love.  I have fun pieces of color in scarves, purses, jewelry, etc.  (I also sold about 40 scarves).  It has quality pieces that I know look good when I put them on.  And best...I feel good in everything that I am keeping in my closet. 







I wanted some "wear around the house" pieces that were not sweat pants.  Today I put on a sweatshirt dress from Fabletics.  I do really love the dresses that Kate Hudson puts in this line.  They are minimal, comfortable and easy.   This one is navy, but comes in a light or dark gray.  It is perfect for around the house with a pair of slip on flats (these are Mossimo from Target).  And it is great for a cool morning.


I look forward to posting more as I go through this process of purging, eliminating waste and/or duplicates of things in my home, and freeing myself of the need to maintain so much more than is necessary for my happy life.  After husband is about to retire and I want to be spending time with him....mot maintaining my home and "STUFF".

This is new journey for me.  The clothes I have now are Fabulous.  I picked up a beautiful Dolce and Gabbana boyfriend blazer that I love.  I am trying to go more minimal.  That doesn't always mean "frugal".  It can be, but sometimes you want to pay more for something that you will never have to replace.  I have lots of goodies that I will be sharing. And LOTS of things are Going Away! 

It is just stuff that I am getting rid of.  Hopefully it will enable me to give more to those who are in need and help me to open my eyes to what others actually need as opposed to what I just want.  Keep in touch, I'll keep you posted.  It's just 'STUFF"

Blessings to you all,

Cathy Budjenska


You will be enriched in every way to be generous in every way, which through us will produce thanksgiving to God.   2 Corinthians 9:11

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