DAY 4 - A Week In Nana's Closet




Thursday has come around so quickly it seems.  Some of you know that I took acouple of falls a few years ago which resulted in MANY surgeries and a few years of healing.  A lot of times it catches up with me at night.  Last night was one of those nights, so today I feel exhausted and when I feel that way...I usually look that way. 

Even though I feel as if I look a bit frazzled today, I decided to keep up the week of clothing choices.  However I started out in one thing and ended up in something different.   It was cold here today and I started out in some black and white pattern pants by Jules and Leopold (Steinmart) and a pale pink cashmere sweater.  I am kind of self conscious when I wear just a sweater because I look like I am all boobs.  I will post some of those pictures, but I did end up changing.  Most people would think nothing of it, but I just get a little shy sometimes.  I have had two mastectomies and I was hoping to have breast reduction surgery with this last mastectomy.  However, the surgeon who did my first mastectomy grew the pocket for my implant out so much, that we couldn't reduce the pocket enough to do smaller breasts.  I wear a 30G or 30DDDD bra...kind of hard to find...hard to disguise. 



I ended up in the same slacks, but a loose fitting cropped top in a red crepe by ASTR and I don't know where I purchased it.  I knew that I could still put a furry vest over if I needed for warmth. The long vest with the faux fox rolled front is my Jessica Simpson from Belk.  Black and white print pull on pant from Steinmart are by jules & Leopold.  I am in a pair of my favorite've seen them before...two fabric booties with a gold zipper from Payless.  My jewelry is from ...YOU GOT IT - Sam Moon in Frisco,

That is Thursday.  Tomorrow will be a double fashion day.  We are singing at the Louisiana Street Grill tomorrow night.  I always fret a bit over what to wear when we are singing somewhere.  I usually go with something that "sparkles".   The guys ALWAYS WEAR BLACK! 

So, I'll see you tomorrow! Until then...


Blessings to all of you!

Cathy Budjenska

Therefore, since we have been justified through faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ.    Romans 5:1
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