DAY 2 - A Week In Nana's Closet




When I get up in the morning, the first thing I do is step out of bed and go to the kitchen.  I know that Ken is in the bathroom preparing for his work day with the Dallas Police Department.  I go to the kitchen to fix him breakfast...I'm kind of old fashion that way.  Every morning I cook breakfast for my sweetheart.  I have bedhead...and I look like a Zombie.  Just thinking about that, Ken probably appreciates the Zombie look...he is a fan of Walking Dead and that is about what I look like.  hahaha

So today was like all others. After he leaves for work I make the bed and start getting dressed.  I go into the bathroom, check the stock futures, see if my play is stock plays are in pre-market and what they are doing, I then check the weather for the day.  that's when I decide what to wear. 



I keep a clothes rack out with about 5 outfits put together.  Any jewelry that I will wear with those outfits is in a jewelry hanger bag.  I put two jackets on one end, scarves that I might need on the other and shoes on the floor rack.  I also keerp 2 simple day dresses...just in case.  So depending on the weather, my outfits are already pulled, ironed, accessorized and ready to slip into.  It just makesgetting ready a lot easier. 


So on this fine day in McKinney Texas, the weather is cool...around 50 degrees and it will pretty much by this for the day and get colder this evening.  No big surprises.  So ...Go To The Rack!

Today I am wearing one of my favorite casual outfits.  Jeans - of course.  I will wear jeans until the day I die.  And I truly believe that if I die before my husband does....he will know to bury me in straight leg jeans and a white shirt and pearls (and for that he could use dollar store pearls). Ha!  :-0

Me and my coffee.  I am a coffee junkie.....

Tuesday:  Old Navy Boyfriend Jeans.  They have enough looseness to be extremely comfortable for what ever you plan to do.  My sweater is from "who knows where". 

I am not a label whore. (I hope that doesn't offend!)  But in my clothes, I just don't care who makes them or where the are purchased. I hate the way some labels scratch the back of my neck, so I usually cut them out.  just to let you know...I have cut out some crazy expensive labels.  A label just doesn't make sense to me.  I have black pants my Vince Camuto, Michael Kors, Kenneth Cole, and George...George is a Walmart brand.  Right now my "go to" black pant is the George pant from Walmart.  It cost a whopping $14.96, and they look amazing on.  I'll have to do a comparison photo op and let everyone see. They all fit me well, but the George pant is so easy to care for and hangs beautifully.  I get off on rabbit trails!


So back to today...Boyfriend jeans and my sweater is kind of unique.  It is a plain white all over and there is a panel of crochet lace on the front.  I love it.   I have a nice navy blue Jules and Leopold blazer ( Steinmart)  with some cool zipper work on the sides to throw on if I go out and my favorite purse... a brown Brahmin tote.   Same shoes as yesterday...Payless' Dexflex navy loafers.  So Comfortable.  Jewelry - a strand of pearls with a small crystal design in one spot and the sand dollar and pearl set that Ken gave me for my B-Day a couple of weeks back.  I have a belt that I wear a lot...actually I have black and one brown.  They are Brighton from several years ago.  they have four strands of braided leather and a really attractive silver chain and buckle design with an engraved pattern on the silver. 

So that is it for today.   Back to work.  I hope and pray that your day is blessed.  Let your light shine.

What Am I Wearing Wednesday.....Wait and See!!!