DAY 1 - A Week In Nana's Closet




Some friends told me that they look at blogs and they see great ideas on what to wear to a function of some sort.  They say those help them a lot if they have a special event, museum opening, winery gala or something else to attend.  But what about day to day style.  I work out of my home office.  Some days I have a granddaughter here with me.  I go to the drug store or to the grocery store.  What if you do not have a party or a wine tasting a concert or a ballet to attend...what do you wear. 

This week I am going to post day by day how I casually dress for working around my home and running errands about town.  I'm pretty casual on a daily basis, but I seem to work better in my office, if I'm neatly dressed and put together.  I could do my job in my PJs, but I don't feel like working....PJs make me feel like I need to put my feet up and I get up and I get dressed and I go to home!


I'll start today posting my,  "What I wear each day". 


Today is January 2nd and I am pretty casual. I chose to wear a blouse by 19 Cooper.  This is a pretty new purchase.  I bought it at Versona Accessories in Allen, TX.  This is one of my All Time Favorite Stores.  I have on numerous times made a purchase at a store, only to find it at Versona for less than half of what I paid for it elsewhere.  So if I need something in particular, (an item of clothing, jewelry, purse, shoes, etc.) I always look at Versona first.  I bought this blouse because the print was small.  I am small and large prints tend to overpower me.  I don't wear many prints at all, but when I find something like this with a nice mall print in a color that makes my eyes "pop"...I buy it! 

However, I got this blouse home and I didn't like the look of any of my light colored pants with it.  The print in the blouse is a faint blush pink.  I was elated to find a pair of skinny jeans by Jessica Simpson in that color of blush.  I bought the jeans at Belk...recently.  The white jacket is now my favorite "go to" jacket...hand painted by a dear friend and now family depicts the downtown historic district of Gruene, TX.  Around the house, I wear comfortable shoes.  These are dexflex shoes from Payless Shoes...super comfortable.  I wear these around the house a lot.  If I need to go out for something...well, they aren't atrocious. 

Jewelry:  the long crystal necklace is from Hillbilly Chic in Gruene, TX...a gift from my sweet husband, Ken.  Also the necklace and earrings that feature pearls and sand dollars were my birthday present on December 20th from Ken.  He knows how I love pearls and he knows how much I love finding sand dollars.  He always does so good!

The Sand dollars below are actually ones that I picked up on the Pensacola Beach.  We were there for a week in December (13-22) was hunting was pretty great, also.

Thanks for visiting today...I will see you tomorrow in something new!

Blessings to all of you,

Cathy Budjenska

Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have.      1Peter 3:15