Navy not Orange - Saturday Errands

Me in my Navy in the midst of a color I cannot or should not wear!

I learned a long time ago what colors I should not wear.  It was long before "Having your fashion color styling" or your "color personality" was a useful tool and trend.  I am a "cool" color style and more winter cool than summer cool.  There are no oranges in these fashion personality palettes.

Before color styling was popular I learned which color I could not or should not wear. How?  If I put on anything orange and wore it around people, they would invariably ask me, "Are you feeling okay?" or "Do you feel alright?"  You see the color orange, most yellows, lime greens, rusts...all of those beautiful Autumn colors seem to drain all of the color out of my face.

So for today.....I sit in the midst of orange. It is the only way I can do it justice. I love Autumn and the colors of Autumn.  I love it when I can decorate my home with pumpkins, color changing leaves, scarecrows, and gourds of every shape and color.  That is how I enjoy those beautiful shades of the change in season. 

You must remember, I live in is almost November and still in the 80 degrees in the afternoons.  So, we are still in sleeveless tops (shame on me for wearing no sleeves after I turned 60 years old...haha.  I have always been kind of a rebel that way.  No shame here.  And, I love navy blue.   You all may have seen my instagram photo of this blouse featured here in white.  I don't usually buy multiple colors of anything....but I really liked this one. 

I have very long legs and a short torso for my small 5'4" frame, and I have a large bust.  I wear a 30G bra and that sounds really large, but on a 30" band...not as big as it sounds, but big enough that I have some balancing to do.  (Now I'm kind of embarrassed) This little navy peplum works well for me, because it is short in shows my long legs.  the peplum gives some balance through my hips and compensates for my chest being larger.  The top is by Crown and Ivy from Belk. The very slim pant is a knit jean by Calvin Klein also from Belk.  My shoes today are from Payless...a sweet little navy and white striped wedge with a navy bow and a gold charm on the bow. I used heavy gold chain jewelry to complete this look.  I don't wear a lot of gold-toned jewelry, because of my "cool" skin tone, but I love gold with navy blue.  Makes me feel a bit regal!  The white blouse...again Crown and Ivey - Belk and the pants are Peck and Peck from Steinmart.  Black aerosole booties and the hat is from  I'm starting to get quite a few things from Amazon. (Great stock to play, too!)

 Oranges and golds all around the house...just not around my face!

There are a lot of fashion color personality quizzes online.  If you don't know your color an online search for one of them.  Once you start wearing colors that compliment your skin tones, it totally changes how you wear everything.

There you have it for this beautiful Saturday from Texas. 

Blessings to all of you,

Cathy Budjenska

Many are the plans in a man's heart, but it is the Lord's purpose that prevails    Proverbs 19:21