What's Your Uniform


A Personal Uniform is kind of like an opinion...Everybody Has One!  Every day when my husband goes to work, he is dressed in Dallas Police "Blues".  He wears a uniform. Ken is required to wear a uniform, but I find that we have our own uniforms that we tend to gravitate to.  What is your uniform?   Style setters everywhere have a uniform of sorts.  It's something that they wear that they usually feel incredibly confident in.   Take a look around...Steve Jobs (Apple) wore a black mock turtleneck shirt....every day.  Michael Kors always wears a black t-shirt and jeans.  Mark Zuckerberg...a gray t-shirt and a hoodie. These guys have no guess work in dressing.  It certainly makes it easy to get up and get going!

Do I have a uniform of choice?  You bet I do.  Do you have one?  You probably do!  Take a look in your closet and pay attention to how you feel.  1. What do you wear that makes you feel really good...really confident.  2. What do you have a lot of in your closet (color, pattern, style) I have a lot of black tops and white tops.  What do you just love to wear...a great pair of shoes...a colorful statement necklace...big gold hoop earrings?  What is it?

You may not have a set uniform that is mandated by your job, but most of you have a "look" that suits you exceptionally well. For me It is dark straight leg jeans, a white top and black pumps or black boots.  That is it.  I love this look.  It looks good on me.  It is what I wear when I want to look confident.  It is what I wear when I want to hear compliments from my husband....and it works - every time!

This is it!  This is my "uniform" or so I call it.  It is my "go to".  You all have one...that outfit that you grab when you are in a hurry and you want something that you know you love and can do a lot with.  Mine: Dark straight leg jeans with a white top (white blouse, white sweater, white tank)...WHITE!  My jeans are White House Black Market and the best white dress blouse ever...from Brooks Brothers...also purchased in black. 

My Uniform.....with a long sheer black-on-black scarf from amazon.com....tied on two corners to make a "flowy" soft vest I should show you how to tie this).

Here I have paired my "go to" with a white vegan leather blazer by Cristina from Steinmart.

Here I have added a denim jacket.  I don't usually pair denim with denim unless the two colors of denim are distinctively different.  I think it just looks to "matchy-matchy".

I might throw on a faux fur vest to change up the look or add a bit of warmth....

One of my favorites...a black bomber jacket.....if the weather is a bit cooler...a scarf makes it a great combination.

Cool afternoon?  Same outfit....Add a lightweight tuxedo roll neck collared sweater (J C Penney). on the left.    I do not ever wear sweaters or "tunic" that are long.  In my photo on the right you will see my "exception - a long sleek sweater from Walmart.  I am SHORT.  So I keep my tops short.  I'm 5'4" so If I wear a tunic or a long sweater, it chops my legs down to where they look 1 1/2 or 2 feet long (or short as the case may be) and I don't find that attractive.  I like my legs to look long.  I think it creates a longer leaner look. So generally my shirts or sweaters, if worn out will always fall just below the "crotch" area.  Sorry!!  If I do wear a longer top or sweater.....I will only do it if ALL OF MY LEG SHOWS.  You don't lose the length of you leg and the illusion of height. Also, if I do this...the longer top has to be sleek and slim.  No poofy, billowy long tops for me. 

So there you have it...My Uniform. It is what I love. It is...what I am feel very comfortable in.

What ever you have that you love and you wear a lot....this is probably "Your" uniform.  Wear it well.  Wear it with confidence.  Change it up, spice it up.  It makes you "A Very Special YOU"!

Blessings To You All,

Cathy B.

Jesus said, “Let your light shine before men, that they may see your good deeds and praise your Father in heaven” Matthew 5:16