If you wear all black some assume you have a Gothic Thing Going On!  Or maybe you’re a Rocker Chic.  Well I was never into Gothic…I’m a little too old for having been through that trend (however,my daughter was, once upon a time – ugh!)  A Rocker Chic – Well yes I was that!  But, the band I sing with now is more “Country/Folk.  I do however, still like wearing head to toe black. 

All-black dressing is a staple of many NYC style mavens and Big Apple dwellers, but they’re not the only ones who love the monochromatic look. Still, for whatever insane reason, wearing all black still makes people assume you are gothic, depressed, dressing for a funeral, or that you have some sort of terrible disorder that makes you shake with fear at the sight of a bright t-shirt.  ( Even when sometimes -  Do!)

For me, and likely for many all-black wearers, none of the above are true. I really like the monochromatic look of black with some gradations of the shade — I like to add gray to the mix and after all, it is in the black family.  I believe the French, New Yorkers and others like black because it is chic. Plus, it requires a degree of creativity to make a limited color or non-color palette look fresh and punchy.

Wearing all black can become monotonous and look really bland or “hard” But I really like the way I look and feel in all black.  So, what do I do to make it a little more exciting?  I use the three word guide to step up any look be it monotone or colorful.


When an outfit is all black, there is little to distract from the shape of it.  Be it a barrel, balloon or a sack.  Key silhouettes stand out in black. So, if you are going to wear black head to toe, change the pieces up a bit to create some dimension.

Add a Statement Necklace             Wear a body-hugging silhouette    or       Keep it simple    

Here is what I did with this outfit today.  PATTERN - TEXTURE - SHINE...

I wore a pair of leggings from Versona Accessories with Pattern and Texture.  My sweater is from Kohls and shows my shape well and is bedazzled at the top with black crystals... a little Shine.  The little bootie I am wearing I purchased from payless on a buy one get one half price sale (I love a discount).  I like them because they follow my "step it up" rule.  It has a "napped textured" toe, a leather heal and a larger gold zipper.  Loved it and it is so comfortable and easy to wear.  If I am wearing all black in cooler weather, I always have a black leather bomber jacket ready to wear. 

If you love all black the way I do...GO WITH IT.  Step it up a notch with Pattern, Texture and Shine.  You will always find me BACK IN BLACK!


Blessings to all of you,

Cathy Budjenska

God did not send His Son to condemn the world, but to save the world through Him.  John 3:17

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