In 2012 I experienced two really bad falls that ultimately changed the course of my life.  I had only been married to Ken for about one month when "In Sickness and In Health" really kicked in.  I'm a Registered Nurse and  I am... or was a surgical nurse.  The falls that I experienced took place in the operating room during surgeries.  One of the falls took place after a co-worker place a pad on the patient that had to be plugged into a piece of machinery and didn't take the care to keep the cord out of the traffic area.  Me moving like a bolt of lightning, which wasn't unusual with me trying to get a surgery underway, tripped over the cord.  It literally just took my legs out from under me.  The staff in the room said that I looked like Super Man flying through the air.  I was turned in "flight" trying to see what was tripping me.  What stopped me was a wall of cabinets.  My head was turned back trying to see what I was tripping over, and when I hit the wall it torqued my neck over at an angle backwards.  Then I proceeded to try and push myself up off of the floor.  In a daze I was pushing up off of a surgical Kick Bucket.  Everything in surgery is on rollers, so the bucket turned and so did my shoulder.  I tore all of the tendons off of my shoulder.  I tore tendons from my shoulder to my clavicle and from my shoulder to my scapula.  It was a mess!!

     Moving on.....  I have never been one to have headaches.  Oh!  I have had some sinus headaches during allergy season and a coupe of tension headaches over the years, but never anything daunting.  I started experiencing the worst headaches that I have ever known.  the first one that I had, Ken found me in the bathroom out on the floor... I could not move without getting sick.  At the time I was have to go through the motions of what ever Workman's Comp wanted me to do. That was getting me Nowhere Fast!  For about 22 months, I woke up with a migraine.  At least three days a week, they were so bad that I couldn't get out of bed.  I say... and it is so true... If I were dying to get out of bed in the morning and go pee... I Could not!  If medication was on my bedside table, I could not life myself up and get the medication.  They were the worst pain I have ever experienced.  

     Finally, we were able to move on from workman's comp.  The first thing I did was go to a friend... a pain specialist.  I asked him if he would do a rhizotomy and he did.  We burned out the sensory nerves in my cervical facets and immediately my migraine headaches were a thing of the past.  I had three pain free years with that rhizotomy and that was far beyond what is normal.  Nerves, however find their way back to each other... they regenerate and when they did my migraines started again.  I tried another rhizotomy and it did not work this time.  

     My migraines were getting to be so bad and they were again, happening just about every day.  I started reading about people who had found relief by piercing the Daith cartilage in their ear.  I was skeptical, but more and more I read and more and more I was hearing about pain relief from this obscure puncture in the ear. 

     Finally, I thought, "what the heck".  If it doesn't work, I can just take it out.  But what if it does work?  So, Off I went to the Piercing Parlor.  I spent $50 and it has been the best $50 I have ever spent.  That was 10 weeks ago and I have not had one headache since i had my Daith Cartilage Pierced!!  

I will be forever grateful to the people who just suggested that I read some about what others were experiencing.  So... I am passing the experience along in hopes that someone else who has suffered the horrors of migraine headaches will find some relief as well.