Waterproof Facial Cleansing Brush with 7 Speeds and Thermal Spa for Gentle Exfoliating and  Removal of Blackhead 

To Order:  copy and paste...

To Order:  copy and paste...

OK... I just have to say I LOVE THIS PRODUCT.  Yes... it looks like a sex toy of some… wow - I can’t believe I just typed that!!  And yes I, like most everyone, have had the rotary brush facial cleanser...Not A Fan.  I have had a Clarisonic and I found it to be good, but not great.  This works on the same principle as the Clarisonic, however it is made of medical grade silicone, so you don't have to clean the brush OR REPLACE IT when it wears down.  You don't need multiple brush heads for this or that.  It is a facial cleanser that really invigorates the skin and improves circulation to all of your face and neck.   I love that every time I use it, I look in the mirror and my face looks like I have had a day of sunshine.  The circulatory effects on my face is remarkable.  It is rechargable, but I have only had to recharge mine two or three times and I  have had mine for three months.  What a difference it makes.  I love it!  

I found some information on it and wanted to pass along as much information as I could. 

This is a link to Amazon.  this is where I ordered mine.  The cost is only #37.79.  It is an Amazon Prime product and in some cities it will have same day delivery. 


About the product...

·        INNOVACTIVE SONIC CLEANSING TECHNOLOFY - High frequency vibration Sonic function can effectively shatter all dirt particles, oil and makeup residue that stuck in your pores and wipe it out. Gentle enough but still provides a full range of cleansing. Leave your skin looking health, smooth and youthful.

·        7-SPEED & 2 WORKING MODES PROVIDE THOROUGHLY CLEANSES - 7 speeds to meet all skin types. 2 working modes for T-zone and cheek, chin. It removes any makeup residue and deeply unclog dirt and oil from pores. Gently exfoliate dead skin cells.

·        FULL RANGE CLEANSING, NO MISSING PLACE - Unique fingertip shape brush head fits T-zone perfectly. Easily reach sides of nose and around eyes. Recommend to use on a regular basis to increase the blood circulation and the glow of your face.

·        FULLY WATERPROOF AND NO REPLACEMENT HEAD REQUIRED - IPX7 waterproof, safe and convenient to use in the shower. Food grade silicone is resistant to bacteria so you can stop wasting money on expensive brush head replacement.

·        THERMAL SPA FUNCTION - Massage your skin with back side of brush, its upgraded 104℉ thermal spa function will helps the absorption of skin care product, lift and firm your face.

·        Helps remove blackheads, shrink enlarged pores and improve oily skin. After long-term uses of our facial brush, your skin will feel much softer and cleaner than before.

·        Stop wasting money on expensive brush head replacement. Our facial brush is integrally-formed, IPX7 waterproof, nearly sealed charging port, food grade silicone which is proved anti-bateria, you can use it in shower with no worry.

·        1000mAh lithium batteries provides long stand-by.  Only 1 time charge for the whole month uses (5mins/each time, once a day)


Innovative working modes make cleansing easier and higher efficient.

·        For daily facial clean:

·        Vibration with heat mode: With high frequency vibration, skin friendly grade silicone helps pores opened quickly and clean your face effectively

·        For T-zone deep clean

·        CVT mode: The vibration shift from strong to weak in seconds. The curved brush head is easy for T-zone clean, effectively removes oil and dirt (CVT: Continuously Vavriable Transmission)

·        For Facial Massage:

·        Vibration with heat mode: Use massage bristles on back side massage your skin, with heat promt absorption of skin care products, lift and firm your face. Increase the blood circulation and the glow of your face.

Please noted: device will automatically turn off in 5 minutes. But if you change the working mode, it will be re-counted. 

I have found that after 5 minutes of cleansing and facial massage, my face looks like it has been sun-kissed.   Cathy B. 

If you decide to try it... I know that you will really like it!  

Blessings to all of you....  Cathy b.


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