Lipstick Bleeding...Not a Problem Here

My Number 1 Tip On Beautifully Colored Lips

Especially With The Rich Deep Burgundy and Red Lip Colors

I love a beautiful, rich, deep colored lip...especially this time of the year as we are moving into heavier clothing and cooler weather.  But dark colors can be problematic for older women and younger women who smoke cigarettes...or have in the past.  Why...Lines and crevices around the lips.  It is not attractive to see lipstick that has bled upwards or downwards through the channels of lines around lips.  Smoking cigarettes is a huge culprit that causes the breakdown of collagen and elastin around the mouth.  The other thing is drinking from straws. 

I have never ever smoked a cigarette nor am I a "straw drinker".  Even if you don't have noticeable lines around your lips, you probably have tiny small lines that are barely visible.





I love to wear a lip stain and it is pure liquid.  I tell you, if you put a purely liquid stain on your lips, it will find any fine line or channel to travel through.  I really like a product by Benefit called BeneTint.  It is a red liquid that you paint onto your lips and let dry.  The one thing that I don't want is for this liquid to find its way onto my face above or below my lips.  









I found something that I really like and I use it every day around my lips to prevent this bleeding from taking place.  I put it on before I even apply any foundation.  What is it?   Ha Ha Ha....It is 1/2 of Loreal's Superliner for Brows.  This pencil has a product on each end...and a brush on the cap of one end.  It has a color for your brow on one end but the "gem" for your lips is on the other!  The second product on the Loreal Superliner pencil is a wax that can be sharpened just like a lip liner..  To keep the liquid tint from bleeding on my lips I line my lips OUTSIDE of my lip's edge (outside of where i would apply a lip liner pencil line). The wax fills any small lines or more visible lines. this before your foundation.,,,and...I sometimes go back and do it a second time before I use my lip liner pencil....just added insurance against "the bleed". 

This is the end that you want to use on the outside of your lips .  It is great to prevent dark colors and lip stains from bleeding off of your lips. It is just a sharpenable wax.  It is a clear line...You won't see...but it is there and it works.

1.  Use the wax pencil where the white line indicates on the above illustration.

2.  Use your lip liner as you normally do...just on the outer edge of your lips.

#. Beautiful lips that don't "bleed out".


So there you have it.  I found this tip/trick quite by accident, because Benefit's lip stain is so fluid and I needed something that worked.  I tried the was trick and have been using it ever since.  Try it.  I hope it works for you. 

I also like to exfoliate my lips and I do this once a week.  I use lemon and salt as a scrub on and all around my lips.  It keeps them soft and free of those "icky" fine lines.  I also recently found Mary Kay's Lip Mask....also a great product. 

I hope you all have a wonderful Sunday!

Blessings to you all,

Cathy Budjenska

Jesus replied, “What is impossible with man is possible with God.”  Luke 18:27