Louisiana Street Grill

Our Friday Night Date Spot

Good Atmosphere-  Good Food-  Good Music


Our Band, Sundown at Louisiana Street Grill Friday January 6th....7:30 till 10:30





Ken and I live in McKinney, TX. 

We like to go out on a dinner date on Friday nights. 

We like to go out to eat where we can also enjoy good music. 

We have a small band.  We like to sing.  And, we like to listen to good live music. 

So we look for places that have good food, good service and good music!

We Found A Great Spot!





We used to travel a little ways down the road from our little town to a place that had good food and good atmosphere, but it got to where we found ourselves yelling across the table at one another...it was just too loud. 

Then we found the Louisiana Street Grill in McKinney, TX.  We initially went to this restaurant, because a friend of ours was supplying the musical entertainment for the evening.  We knew that he was good.  We soon found out that everything about this restaurant was good.  We have been many times now and we have always had superb service.  The atmosphere is delightful...low lighting, not loud, (even with live music) you can talk with the company you are dining with.

Louisiana Street Grill is an original concept by Emigdio Raymundo, as it is now located where his furniture warehouse once was. Before the restaurant came to be, Mr. Raymundo owned and managed Magna Craft Furniture for over 20 years out of the same building.

Now Mr. Raymundo has taken his furniture knowledge and built his own furniture for his restaurant and hand carved his East Texas Cedar Wood Bar. As if this wasn’t enough, he also came up with his own original bread recipe as the house bread is baked daily.  (This excerp was taken from Louisiana Street Grill Website)


Because we have a band and like to sing, we asked one day, "who does the hiring for music?"  He came over to talk with us and said, "I've heard you perform before.  I'll be happy to book you in here".   And so he did!  We love this place....hopefully they will ask us  back!!                                                             


So Friday evening... January 6th, our band - Sundown, will be playing at The Louisiana Street Grill in McKinney, TX.  We grew up in the 60s and 70s.  that being said, we play stuff that we grew up with.  Older country, Eagles, Beatles, Bob Seger, Gordon Lightfoot, etc...lots that you can sing along with.  How 'bout that?  Come on out to Louisiana Street Grill. We’d love to see you there!


Copy and paste the links below for a sample:  (warning: these are just some videos of our home practices!!  haha - beware)




The last web address is for Louisiana Street Grill's menu......take a look.  They have great steaks!!! The bacon wrapped chipotle salmon is "crazy" good.  All of the appetizers are wonderful.  I took a picture of the bread up above.  It is delicious! Oh!  and if you've never tried a Moscow Mule....this is the place to try one! (Lonnie makes the best)


Blessing to all of you,

Cathy Budjenska and The Sundown Band